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Free 3D illustration for UI design

Uishaper are list out the best Free 3D Illustrations for your UI/UX designs. These 3d illustrations and assets will make your designs cool and will also help you create better interfaces. All these design resources are free to use and can be used with tools like #Figma , #Adobe Xd, #sketch and more!

H A N D Z is a free 3D illustrations of diverse hands gestures.

You can use the library in product, marketing, ad banners, on social networks, user flow, storyboarding or whatever you want!

Supported by Figma, XD, Sketch, Photoshop or Illustrator, etc.

Handz was created by Samuel Briskar & Ade Hidayat.

Amrit Pal Singh was the creater of, a 3D Illustrator and Creative Director with an immense love for play, experimentation, world cinema, and Nutella. He previously worked for clients around the globe as a product and brand designer. Since July 2019, I have been focusing on creating 3D Illustrations, Card Games, and Design Assets.

Superscence 3D illustration constructor with funny characters inside. Create your unique illustrations or just take ready-to-use scenes from the pack. Compatible with Blender, Figma & Sketch.

In kulka kit you can do the follow:

*Front view and angle view. More angles - more dynamic.

*We covered more things then you thought! Add glossiness or shadow for shiny look.

*Each element on a seperate layer.

*Sheeesh! You can even add gradients!

*Customize and change colors however you like.

3DDD 15 high-detailed illustrations from lifestyle and IT world in trendy & colorful style

Use these unique scenes to tell your story to your visitors and grab their attention

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