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How to create a white iPhone mockup in a easy way

Best and easy way to create an iPhone mockup

In the modern-day design word, people are trying to make awesome designs, and most uniquely they show work in the mockup. The mockup is one of the methods to showcase there a mobile app UI designs. In most white color iPhone mockup are paid version Here uishaper find a solution. You can design a white iPhone mockup for free.

Mokup frames are the best mockup generator and also called a UI mockup tool. It helps you to build a perfect mockup for your web design mockup, mobile app mockup, and tab design

One best feature is you can also add video and export as a gif. Now we can see the step-by-step the process to design a white color mockup

Step 1:

You need to download the mokup frames app. It was one of the best mockup generators in the software world


Import the image or video in mokup frames. By selecting the button it shows an import tab select the file you want to import and press 'ok' After that it will add the image or video. How simple is this, you cannot need photoshop are a design experience to make a mockup


After that, the next page will open. Now you can see the list mobile white mockup, web, and desktop on the left-hand side. It has three buttons mobile, tab, and web. You can select anyone you want to make a mockup


On the right-hand side you able to change the color and the size of the image, In that colour palette select white colour it will change the mockup color immediately Also, you can flip the image or video. Now at center, you can able to change the background of the mockup

Step 5:

Now you click the export button at the bottom. Please check the tutorial in youtube

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See the video for" how to design a white iPhone mockup in few minutes" and the link in description


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